Domestic Staff Insurance in Belgium

Do you have a cleaning lady, nanny, or in-home caretaker? If so, it is required by law to take purchase a domestic staff insurance.

International House Leuven
15 December 2023


If you hire help to come assist in household chores, you are required by law to purchase an insurance to protect you against accidents that may occur in your home.

In general, home-help insurance (or workmen's compensation insurance) covers an physical injuries that may have happened to your help while working on your home. Home-help insurance normally covers babysitters, nannies, caretakers, handymen,tutor, gardener, game keeper, or housekeeper. Some staff, such as au pairs, governesses, and chauffeurs may only be covered with the purchase of a special premium. Check with your insurance provider to see who is and isn't covered. The insurance contract that you choose is not in the personal name of your domestic helper, but in their activity.

If you use a cleaning service and you pay using service cheques, then you do not need to purchase domestic staff insurance, seeing that they are already covered by the company.

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