Insuring Your Home in Belgium

Having home insurance is important for both home owners and renters. Here you can find a general overview about home insurance in Belgium.

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15 December 2023


Although it is not legally required, few people accept to take the risk to not have their home insured, for owners and renters insurance is recommended. It is often imposed by others, such as landlords and mortgage lenders.

Home insurance covers against damage caused to your home and furniture. There are 3 different types of coverage:

  • Basic coverage (fire, storms, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Additional coverage linked to a claim (such as rehousing, assessment expenses, etc.)
  • Optional coverage (theft, damage, indirect losses, etc.)

Because there are multiple options, it is best to discuss with your insurer to understand what is and isn't covered.

The amount (premium) of the insurance is normally determined by:

  • the surface area of the property
  • the estimated value of the property and furniture

Insurers of required to provide an evaluation schedule, which normally takes into account the number of rooms, surface are, the standard of finish, number of facades, years of construction, etc. Make sure to fill in your claim form with the correct values, as this will ensure that you will be fully compensated in case of damage.

Who needs it?

  • Property owners: It is important to take out insurance in order to cover their own assets.
  • Renters: It is up to the renter to arrange fire insurance coverage. The Civic Code states clearly that a renter must return the property to the owner in its original state, meaning that if there was a fire or explosion, the renter would be liable to cover those damages. This is not an easy rule to evade.

Without home insurance you could not only lose the roof over your head, but, when renting, you would also be liable to pay for the owner's loss. Because of this, a rental property is often covered by two fire insurances, one purchased by the renter and the other by the landlord.

How to continue

  • Contact a bank or insurer for a quote. Some of them offer the full process of getting a quote and subscribing to the insurance online.
  • Find a bank, an insurance broker or company that has special services for internationals in Belgium to answer more specific questions.
  • Compare prices and conditions.
  • If renting, make sure to verify your rental agreement to see which insurances are included and which ones are not.

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