Insuring Your Car in Belgium

If you intend to drive or own a car in Belgium it is obligatory to take out, at least, a third-party liability coverage to help pay for the damage in case of an accident.

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15 December 2023


Car insurance is required when you buy a car in Belgium. The goal of motor insurance is to provide financial protection against any physical damage or injuries sustained from an accident. When buying car insurance you are not insuring only the owner or the driver, but the whole car and everyone in it
(no matter who is driving).

After you have chosen your car insurance you will receive a Green Card and an accident report from the insurance company. You should keep these documents in your car at all times, seeing that you will need them in case of an accident or if stopped by the police.

Types of coverage

Below you can find the 3 general types of motor insurance, so you know what to look for when searching for the right insurance.

Third-party liability (Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering)

  • This is minimal coverage that is required by law.
  • It does cover injuries, physical damage, or death that you caused to another person, in situations where you are at fault.
  • It does cover the cost of damage caused to other vehicles.
  • It does not cover any of your own costs, relating to yourself or your vehicle.
  • It’s a sensible policy to choose if you drive an inexpensive car or don’t drive very often.

Part comprehensive (Mini Casco)

  • This policy offers third-party coverage. Plus it covers theft, and damages caused by fire, natural disasters, storm damage, and collisions with animals on the road.
  • It does not cover costs if you have an accident that is your fault.

Fully comprehensive coverage (Maxi Casco)

  • This policy covers all general costs.
  • There are some common exclusions, so check with your chosen company to learn about what add-ons they offer.
  • This is a good option if you have a new or expensive car, where the cost of replacing the car yourself in the event of an incident would be too great.

Using non-Belgian car insurance while in Belgium

If you move to Belgium from another EU country, you can use your existing insurance as long as equates to at least third-party insurance (contact your company to find out). You typically need to register your car with the Belgian authorities upon arrival, unless you are staying temporarily.

If you are moving from outside of the EU you usually will have to purchase Belgian car insurance. Check with your insurance company to see if you are covered overseas or not and for how long.

What happens if you aren't insured?

If you are driving a motor vehicle without being covered by civil liability insurance policy, you may be penalized through a fine, temporary driving ban, confiscation of vehicle, etc.

In case of an accident where you are at fault, if not covered by insurance, the owner of the vehicle will be responsible to reimburse everything themselves, including paying the victims.

Helpful Dutch Vocabulary

  • Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering = third-party liability

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