Practising Dutch in Leuven

Below you can find information about the opportunities that exist in the Leuven region to practice your Dutch language in daily life. In addition, a lot of online tools also exist, so even if you are still in the phase of planning your move to Leuven, you can already start practicing Dutch.

International House Leuven
15 December 2023

Practicing Dutch in Leuven

  • The public library of Leuven supports people who want to practice Dutch in several ways. For more information, visit the library and inquire about the Taalpunt.
  • Also at the library in Leuven is an group called Samen Lezen, a sort of book club for non-native speakers. Find more info here!
  • Search for practicing Dutch initiatives in your neighborhood. In Leuven, there are several conversation groups, pronunciation groups etc.
    • Practicing your Dutch speaking skills in Leuven (make sure to stay on the Dutch version of this page, as you will see more opportunities than on the English page)
    • Leuven language buddies, a private facebook group where people create meetups to practice different languages in locations across Leuven. A great way to practice language and make new friends!
    • Kom Binnen language Dutch language conversation practice

Practicing Dutch in Flemish Brabant

  • Try to speak Dutch as much as possible in your daily life (in shops, restaurants, at work…) and ask people to speak Dutch with you. If they switch to English you can always tell them that you are learning and want to practice, most people wil happily oblige :)
  • Search for activities in which you can practice your Dutch. The website ‘Nederlands oefenen in Vlaams-Brabant’ is a good starting point to get an overview of the different kinds of activities, both online and offline, you can undertake in the province of Flemish Brabant to practice your Dutch. Or scroll down for more !
  • Check out your public library for Dutch learning resources.

Online learning resources

Pas op! Watch out!

Some online websites or tools are developed in the Netherlands. It might be that the pronunciation is somewhat different than what you hear in Flanders. Some expressions and words are also less frequently used, or have a slightly different meaning in Flanders than in the Netherlands and vice versa.

Tip for more Dutch writing practice

The IHL has created an email banner you can attach to your personal or work email. The goal is that these banners can keep you accountable to practice writing more in Dutch, but also it is an easy way to share with the recipient of your mail that you are practicing the language and to forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes. You are more than welcome to download the following email banner and use as you like.