Cokido: Neighborhood Childcare

Cokido is an organization based in Leuven that connects parents to solve stressful childcare periods, like when you’re working during the school holidays, and build a community with other families. This article provides a general overview of what Cokido is all about and how to get registered. Most of the information online about Cokido is in Dutch, so we want to provide you with a condensed overview in English.

International House Leuven
15 January 2024

The holidays can be stressful when you are working and have to find childcare for your children. Cokido’s goal is to help out during these potentially stressful periods and assist in solving what they call the “holiday puzzle” (De ‘vakantiepuzzel’ in Dutch). They want to facilitate connections between families where parents take turns with childcare. This could be useful for families who want to make more connections in their neighborhood, who have limited care providers, who need occasional childcare, or who are looking for affordable childcare options.

How does it work?

In exchange for offering one day of childcare, a parent (grandparent…) is entitled to four childcare turns for their own children.

Who is it for?

Cokido is available to every Leuven resident with school-aged children (2.5 – 12 years old).


The schedule of which holiday weeks are included is determined by each group individually.


Each Cokido group chooses its own location. The location will be an accessible and child-friendly environment, such as a community center, school, or other community building. Sometimes a group will organize the childcare at home, seeing that all safety measures can be met.


The membership fee is 30 euros per family (no matter the number of children). By purchasing a Cokido membership, you are immediately insured (civil liability, physical accidents, and legal assistance for all participants). In addition, each childcare session is free unless there are costs for using a specific venue or doing an activity. Any agreed costs are divided equally over the number of children present.

How are the groups supported by Cokido?

The Cokido app makes it easy to register and keep an organized calendar for all childcare sessions. Each group receives a start-up guide and tools to record the internal agreements and the agreement with the venue.

The Cokido staff is there to help connections grow, meaning you can always go to them for any questions, comments, or concerns.

Other perks?

Through Cokido, you can get discounts and offers from their partners. In addition, they host events (workshops, lectures, family events, …) throughout the year to bring parents together and connect the community.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in becoming a part of a Cokido group, you can contact the childcare desk via or call 016 27 26 43. Or you can check out their website at, however, the site is only in Dutch.

Helpful Dutch vocabulary

De vakantiepuzzel = the holiday puzzle for finding childcare
Kinderopvang = childcare
Buitenschools = outside school hours

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