Women's Circle

​A women’s circle is a gathering of women, by women, and for women, where we will come together in a safe space and supportive environment without judgment.


In this circle, we will share, listen, connect with our ourselves and our sisters. We might laugh, we might cry, we might share, we might just listen, but we come together with deep respect for one another’s journey, experience and where we are at this moment in time to hold space for one another. To honor the sanctity and safety of the circle, we will create some guidelines for how we’ll be together, and what values we’ll hold in our time together.

The women`s circle invites you to be in your heart, for whatever may be needed in the moment.

What to expect

  • 1,5-2 hrs hours of quality time for yourself
  • Please arrive a bit early so we can start on time, get seated, and begin to ground ourselves in the space.
  • We may do some breathing, reading, honoring our ancestors or other way to leave the day behind and bringing ourselves fully present into the circle.
  • We’ll create a centerpiece for our circle by adding your flower, candle and/or sacred object that you bring. NOTE: Please make sure that the object you bring is not fragile, and that you are OK with it being touched by other women in the circle.
  • There will be several talking “rounds” guided by an opening question and passing a talking piece. The talking piece helps ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate. You may speak or pass. You are not obligated to speak, but only to listen respectfully to others. Keeping your comments clear and concise helps make sure everyone has a chance to contribute equally in our limited time together.
  • The closing circle may involve music, a reading, or just an opportunity to share where you are and to be complete with our time together.

What to bring

  • A non-fragile object that has meaning to you and helps us get to know you.
  • Your water bottle.
  • A blanket, pillow, mat, etc. to be comfortable sitting on the ground if you choose. There will be chairs available if you don't want to sit on the ground.

About the host

Mara Schiff is an American professor of criminology. She has extensive experience in guiding circles, and a background in spiritual and personal transformation work. She has led women’s circles, community and professional gatherings, and is known for her work in restorative justice. When not in Leuven, she lives in an interfaith spiritual community in Sebastian, FL.


May 22 - 18:30-20:30
June 5 - 18:30-20:30


International House Leuven



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This page was last updated on: 22 April 2024